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Levi's Interactive Installation

Sebastián Sanchez and I designed this experience based on the Levi's Commuter campaign.
I  built the software and electronics that make the bike activate the background video on pedaling and the front realtime video composition that shows the rider with the features of the pants displayed on him.
For this project I used QuartzComposer and Arduino.

Surface touch prototype with Kinect and Implementation

At luminamotion, testing the raw data that you could get from the Kinect I realized that I could track if something is being pressed by taking a 3D snapshot of the object and monitoring certain areas. We then used this technology for some interactive presentations including a real scale mapped car..For this project I used Processing and Watchout.

Video game with treadmill integration

In this project I was invited by Macrobio to hack a treadmill for gaming purposes. I finally copied the signals that the remote control would send and made an API for the game developers to use.
For this project I used Arduino and Unity3D.

Proximity activated sound & music.

Interactive totem that shows a shoe with holographic content on top of it. .I built the electronics (proximity sensor) and software that activated the video and sound using Arduino and Unity3d.

Audio reactive visuals

Personal project made for studying procedural mesh generation and effects, pseudo-random algorithms, easing algorithms, vertex lit shaders and sound reaction using Unity3D. .The deer model ( not my work ) was animated in Cinema4D

3D Rendered animation

Independent short film made at KRFT. I made all the characters, animations and original music..Using Cinema4D and Ableton Live

Multiplatform Game

Point and click adventure made at Macrobio. I did all the programming of the game (it includes several mini games like a tangram, memorize, listen and identify, create a custom mask, an inventory system... ) and had to take part of the optimization of the poor designed models and distribution planing. All this taught me how to optimize for mobile, budget polys and drawcalls, how to split big sized games into files, working with low resources, etc..Used Unity3D and Cinema4D

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